An unexpected retail model: Fashion showrooms evolving into stores

    Snuggled down a side road near Angel, Islington in London is what looks like a store window, with a coffee shop inside. There are plants visible through the big glass windows and even a selection of glazed pastries set aside to entice consumers. The thing is, this is not your traditional shop floor.

    THE GUARDIAN 10.20.17

    Green age kicks: how ethical trainers won the fashion seal of approval

    It seems that the fashion industry has finally woken up. Gucci's scrapping fur; Russian entrepreneur Miroslava Duma is investing $500m (£379m) in sustainable innovations in textiles, such as leather that can be grown in a lab and silk spun by spiders.

    10 MAGAZINE 10.19.17

    Azzedine Alaïa Invents The Future

    Azzedine Alaïa is a diminutive Tunisian man habitually dressed in black cotton pyjamas, with a wide grin and a shock of black hair. He is also the greatest fashion designer in the world. Fashion designer isn't really the right term - it should be couturier, because Alaïa both creates haute couture and works on even his ready-to-wear clothes in a couture manner.

    FAST COMPANY 10.19.17

    Stella McCartney Is Weaving A New Way Forward

    Consider your favorite T-shirt. Maybe it’s soft and worn, or fitted and new, or a recent pickup from a Kanye West or Taylor Swift tour. Whatever the style, chances are good the shirt contains polyester–a significant environmental pollutant that takes 200 years to degrade.

    THE NEW YORKER 10.18.17

    The Anti-Normcore, Anti-Basics Minimalism of A.P.C.

    When the word "normcore" became a household term, in 2014, nobody was as displeased as Jean Touitou, the founder of the French clothing brand A.P.C. Initially characterized in an article in New York as "fashion for those who realize they're one in 7 billion," normcore was a personal style defined by a kind of trendy embrace of the anti-trend.

    NEW YORK TIMES 10.18.17

    Dries Van Noten, Icon of Creative Freedom

    But if the gardens are, at least to some extent, the source of some of Van Noten's inspiration, they are also a metaphor for the daily difficulties of running an independent fashion label with the degree of autonomy and oversight that Van Noten has.

    HARPERS BAZAAR 10.16.17

    Inside the Dramatic Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Marrakech

    "Marrakech taught me color," said Yves Saint Laurent, who bought a cobalt blue villa in the Moroccan city and made it his vacation home in 1966. "Before Marrakech, everything was black." This can be seen in the sprawling collection of couture, accessories, sketches and photographs on display at the Musée Yves Saint Laurent in Marrakech, which opens to the public on Thursday.

    VOGUE 10.16.17

    Eva Chen On How Instagram Is Changing Fashion

    Sitting front row at the Gucci show in Milan this season was none other than Dapper Dan, the Harlem designer who had incorporated the logos of high-fashion houses, Gucci among them, in his unsanctioned designs during the Eighties.

    FASHIONISTA 10.13.17

    New York's Spring 2018 Runways Beat London, Milan and Paris in Every Diversity Category

    There has been a lot of bad news recently, and so it is a relief, however small, to find one little bit of good news coming from within our own industry: the Spring 2018 runways were more diverse than they've ever been.

    OREGON 10.13.17

    Adidas exec Mark King discusses major expansion, brand growth, scandal

    He said charges filed last week against two Adidas executives in a youth basketball bribery scandal are "serious allegations" and that Adidas is fully cooperating with federal investigators. And, he insisted, the inquiry will have no effect on the resurgence that allowed Adidas to overtake Nike's Jordan division in the U.S.

    HYPEBEAST 10.12.17

    Goyard: Waking a Sleeping Giant

    The elusive French label talks to HYPEBEAST Magazine in a rare interview.

    BRITISH VOGUE 10.12.17

    Apple's Tim Cook On The Future Of Fashion & Shopping

    Imagine that you're out to lunch, and in walks a woman wearing a terrific-looking coat. Who designed it? Did she buy it last season, or is it still on sale? Covertly, you give her coat a quick scan on your smartphone, find out it's available on Farfetch, and moments later it's on its way out for delivery.

    FASHIONISTA 10.11.17

    Why Ikea's Creative Leader Thinks the Company's Recent Chicness Will 'Open Doors'

    One of the biggest draws of Friday's Fashion Tech Forum in Los Angeles was a discussion between Off-White's designer-of-the-moment Virgil Abloh and Henrik Most, the Ikea creative leader. Ikea and Abloh announced plans for a collaboration back in June, when Abloh revealed his own redesign of the iconic blue Frakta bag.

    VOGUE 10.11.17

    How Tom Ford Is Redefining Sustainable Luxury, One Suit At a Time

    Designer, style legend, director, and writer are all labels one could readily apply to Tom Ford-but what about environmentalist? In today's day and age, when climate change is becoming an ever grimmer reality, every designer should have sustainable practices in place.

    HYPEBEAST 10.10.17

    Riccardo Tisci Teases New Nike Collaboration

    Though he departed from Givenchy earlier this year, designer Riccardo Tisci is busy gearing up for another collaborative effort with Nike. Taking to Instagram to tease the upcoming joint project, Tisci posted a black-and-white image of himself behind the iconic Swoosh. An "R.T."

    TECHCRUNCH 10.09.17

    Should VCs be investing in beauty brands?

    Q3 2017 US VC report: Exit options dwindle while late-stage dealmaking reaches new heights In the last two years, Unilever acquired C arver Korea for $2.7 billion. Estee Lauder purchased Too Faced Cosmetics for $1.45 billion. CVC Capital Brands bought PDC Brands for $1.43 billion.


    Louis Vuitton’s Creative Director Nicolas Ghesquière Looks to the Past to See the Future

    The power of image, from an in-person first impression to an Instagram post shared with millions of followers, has now been commercialized and politicized, for better or for worse. The role that fashion plays in this is an increasingly important one, something of which Louis Vuitton's artistic director Nicolas Ghesquière is ever mindful.

    THE ATLANTIC 10.06.17

    Warby Parker's Co-Founder on Starting a Company From Scra

    Before Warby Parker, the eyewear retailer worth more than $1 billion, was launched, none of its four founders had ever started a company before. So Dave Gilboa, Warby Parker's co-founder and co-CEO, made a point of asking for guidance.

    INTERVIEW 10.05.17

    Jason Wu reflects on his first 10 years

    Ten years into the launch of his eponymous, elegant brand, the New York designer continues to redefine the look and feel of modern american luxury. He's dressed movie stars, supermodels, and, yes, Michelle Obama-but as his sophisticated fall collection suggests, he's only just begun.

    ANOTHER 10.05.17

    Suzy Menkes on Westwood’s Sex, Spice and Social Revolution

    Working as a fashion journalist since 1966, the eminent critic and Vogue International Editor Suzy Menkes is one of the fashion industry's most esteemed experts. With roles at publications spanning London Evening Standard, The International Herald Tribune, The Times and The Independent, Menkes' enduring career has seen her interview fashion's great and good over the last 50 years, and she's analysed the industry's ebb and flow for just as long.

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